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About Us

CPD GROUP is an innovative career services center located in Sacramento, California. We exist to help professionals unlock higher purpose in themselves through Career Path Development. The Career Achievement Program is designed to enhance purposeful retention strategies through training, coaching, and consultation. We provide an exclusive framework for business communication, mindset training, and personal growth.

The CPD Group’s boutique career services team offers specialized programs that leverage the art of self-discovery to match intangible skills with professional strengths and aptitude. The proposed program features our Career Achievement Retention model.  

Our training sessions are certified by the Maxwell Method, backed by over 45 years of influence and leadership know-how.  We love hearing our participants share how our sessions prepared them more than ever before to lead, retain and effectively manage the valuable team that you’ve assembled.

Our clients rave about the difference our training makes!  

WHY Choose Career Path Development?

  • Our programs build upon your values-based culture which generates palpable loyalty.
  • Our trainers are exceptionally skilled in fostering professional communication and leadership productivity.
  • We have extensive backgrounds in executive management and high-performance team building to help clients live out leadership in remarkable ways. 

“We create better employees and teach employers how to keep them”

Meet Our Partners

We are dedicated to delivering the best possible career services.

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What Our Candidates Say About Us

I was new to the US from Afghanistan with a Masters Degree and 6 years experience working for US Army Corps of Engineers contractors. I thought I would find a job easily once I started applying, but I could not get the job no matter how many applications I submitted. When I met Deanna and CPD, I got an interview with international company Ionex SG and started working immediately. Career Path Development is the reason I reached my goal of working as an environmental scientist in the United States.
Sayed Sadaat
Environmental Scientist
Deanna is truly one of the best when it comes to applying for the job, getting the job, and negotiation salary. Deanna understands the entire process of landing the job you desire not just the job you may settle for. I would recommend that anyone who is seeking to land the perfect job work with Deanna her skills and abilities remain unmatched.
Candace Northern
Program Trainer
For the past few months, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Deanna. She took the time to get to know me and helped me clarify the next step in my career.  With her leads and coaching, I landed an exciting new position! I would recommend reaching out to Deanna for career exploration, resources, and job opportunities.  
Elizabeth Dilke
Administrative Specialist